Diamond Jublee Year, 2011-2012 Six Decades in the Service of the Blind

We help the blind help themselves

John Abraham
Brand Ambassador

We have endeavored to give detailed information about our activities and we hope you will enjoy reading the pages and would like to participate in whichever way you can to empower the visually challenged in India.

We have also provided links to the major laws that govern disability in this country. Through this, we wish to inform our readers about the changing scenario in the field.

The website is full of information and we will make all efforts to update it regularly. You will also be able to read our publications “Blind Welfare” and “NABINDIA Newsletter”, on-line.

We have also provided the facility for on-line donation and we hope you would be quite keen on contributing towards making the visually challenged tax payers and self-sufficient individuals.

We have also provided our Annual Reports – including the financial statements; we believe in absolute transparency, accountability and credibility.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to welcome you all once again and hope you will keep coming to us for regular updates.

S. K. Singh
Honorary Secretary General