NAB Department of Advocacy


The various concessions and facilities available to the visually challenged today are a result of advocacy activities initiated by NAB (India) during the sixty-one years of its existence. With passage of time, need was felt for a structured approach to manage these activities hitherto carried out in an informal manner. As a result, the NAB Department of Advocacy was established in mid-2009, with the support of Sightsavers.

The Department liaises with Government and private organizations in respect of issues affecting the lives and dignity of people with visual impairment; promotes policy changes; and provides cost-free legal assistance to visually challenged individuals, through a Legal Aid Centre, to solve their personal and professional problems.

Aim and Objectives


Advocacy for Protection of Rights of the Visually Challenged.


(1) To Educate: Government officials about the policy changes required for inclusion of the visually challenged in mainstream society; private manufacturers about the consumer rights of visually challenged consumers; and the visually challenged about their own rights.

(2) Set up legal aid cells for the blind

(3) Organize sensitization program for the stakeholders.


NAB Department of Advocacy