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Update on Currency Notes:

Considering the difficulties faced by the Visually Challenged individuals to identify Indian Currency Notes and Coins the National Association for the Blind, India has filed a Petition in Hon’ble High Court of Mumbai making the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and Government of India as respondents. 

During the course of hearing the Reserve Bank of India filed a reply on 5th February 2019 in the Hon’ble High Court stating that a similar litigation has filed by some other NGO’s in Delhi High Court.  Citing the reference of the reply the Apex Bank stated that the Management of RBI is fully aware of the issue. 

Sr. Advocate ShriUdayWarunjikar appearing for National Association for the Blind, India argued that a Mobile App can be only used by those Visually Impaired Persons who have access to a Smart Phone.  The Common blind person residing in rural and tribal area should also be benefitted by the steps taken by RBI in this direction.  A Hardware device which can be acceptable solution to this issue and Government should see that this Device is available to all Visually Impaired Persons either free of cost or at a reasonable price.

The Hon’ble High Court took on record about the Compact Device to be designed and instructed RBI accordingly. RBI replied that they have invited Tenders from the Vendors to make the Compact Device which will identify the denomination of Currency Notes in audio output. 

The Hon’ble High Court has granted a period of 4 weeks to comply with their plan.






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