NAB Phiroze and Noshir Merwanji Rehabilitation Centre, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan


Aware of the need to provide comprehensive rehabilitation training to newly blind adults, NAB (India) set up rehabilitation centre for the blind in 1967, at Mt. Abu, Rajasthan. The Centre was started on a beautiful property comprising a spacious bungalow, some outhouses and about three acres of land donated by Mrs. Khoorshed Gharda.


Basic Rehabilitation Training: Candidates who enroll at the Centre undergo basic rehab training that covers orientation & mobility, activities of daily living, personal care and grooming, home management, Braille and communication skills etc.

Vocational Training: Trainees are introduced to trades like weaving, furniture caning, book-binding and making bags, doormats, candles, chalk, phenyl and liquid soap etc.

Computer Training: This section set up in 2006 with computers donated by Satyam Computers helps trainees to learn with the help of JAWS basic computing using Windows operating system, programs like MS-Office, to browse Internet and send and receive-mail.

Training in Music: The trainees are taught Hindustani vocal and instrumental music and are also introduced to folk music. During the past few years, the Centre’s trainees have performed at various functions held in Mt. Abu.

Special School for the Blind: This school operating classes from Std. I-VIII is recognized by the Rajasthan Board. Extensive use of Braille, Audio and other educational material is made to impart formal education to the students.

Education through Open Schooling System: Since 2007, the Centre has been supporting visually challenged individuals with no formal education and over compulsory school age, to complete school education through the Rajasthan State Open School. They are provided study material in Daisy Format and Computers. This initiative of the Centre has shown encouraging results.

Sports: Cricket is the most favored sport among the trainees. Over the years they have participated in a number of cricket tournaments for the blind.