NAB Finance Raising Committee


A key issue faced by any voluntary agency is monetary resources. That it would be heavily dependent on donors to accomplish its mission was the fact NAB (India) realized right at the start, and therefore in its initial years itself set up the Finance Raising Committee (FRC) under the leadership Mrs. Queenie H. C. Captain as the Chairperson and Mrs. Shehera F. D. Nanavati as the Vice Chairperson.

FRC team of voluntary workers tapped into a variety of fund-raising vistas like charity premiers of films, Flag Day, social events, stage performances by renowned artists, fashion shows, donations through philanthropic sources etc., which brought in the much needed funds, thereby building a solid foundation for NAB (India).

The challenges thrown up by our ever-expanding activities called for professional approach to fund-raising. So, in 1977 FRC set up the Revenue Unit and also appointed a full-time fund-raiser. “Light-a-Light” Matchbox Competitions, Chartered Race Special, “Splash Down” – a sponsored swimming competition, were some very innovative and unusual resource mobilization programs introduced to augment finances for promoting the organization’s mission. Many of these fund raising techniques were later followed by other charities. Revenue Unit’s extensive link up with the entertainment industry also did a lot of good to its fund-raising pursuits. In 1981, FRC launched the All India Revenue Unit (AIRU) to offer expertise to the branches of NAB (India) and other welfare organizations for the blind in India.

Presently, FRC team utilizes a variety of methods to generate vital resources. Major resource mobilization is carried out through schools in Mumbai and its suburbs. Principals and students are felicitated each year, for their efforts in raising funds for NAB (India).

NAB (India) depends on corporate donations and generally aim for long-term partnership. To strengthen alliance with the corporate sector, FRC has organized sensitization programs known as “Demystify Blindness” which besides highlighting abilities of visually challenged persons also makes the participants aware through simulation, the problems they face in their day-to-day life, besides highlighting their abilities. FRC also organizes for school students, visits NAB (India) Braille Press and Talking Book Centre with a view to help them realize the importance of education for sightless children. 

Each year on September 14, FRC organizes the All India Flag Day for the Blind. To mark the occasion, NAB (India) delegation calls on important personalities in  Mumbai – the Governor, the Mayor, the chiefs of Indian Army and Navy bases in the city, heads of public and private sector establishments etc. – to pin the Flag.  Flag Day, besides fund-raising, is observed to create awareness in the society about the abilities, potential and the needs of visually challenged persons; particularly those related to their education, rehabilitation and employment.


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