NAB IDBI Polytechnic


With a view to impart on-the-job advanced training in engineering and mass production techniques to visually challenged youth, NAB (India), with financial support from Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI), established the NAB IDBI Polytechnic at Ambernath in Thane District, Maharashtra. The Polytechnic was inaugurated by the former Prime Minister of India Late Mr. Rajiv Gandhi, on June 1, 1985. This residential technical training institute has the capacity to admit 60 trainees.

Courses Offered

General Machine Operator's Course

Recognized by theBoard of Vocational Examination, Government of Maharashtra, this cost-free two-year training course imparts theory and practical knowledge that helps the trainees become skilled workers and adapt to industrial environment.

During the training they are given intensive practice on lathe, shaping, milling and drilling machines, besides power and hand presses. They are also taught to operate plastic moulding machines, and handle assembly jobs. The Polytechnic accepts bulk orders from industrial set-ups, to provide the trainees such hands-on experience under factory conditions. They are also offered stipend ranging from Rs.150-Rs.300, and are provided free lodge and board facility. The Board conducts the final examination.

Eligibility: Age: 18-35 years

Qualification: Grade VIII Pass, with good knowledge of Braille.

Number of Seats: 20

Short-term Vocational Course

Covers training in making cardboard files, phenyl and candles and operating plastic moulding machine and grain mill.

Computer Training

The Polytechnic also manages the Computer Training Centre set up by NAB (India) with financial assistance from Amway Opportunity Foundation. It is hoped the training imparted at this well-equipped Centre will open new employment avenues for educated blind persons.

What can the alumni of this Polytechnic do?

The Polytechnic helps its alumni to find remunerative work in the nearby industry. They can manage assembly of different electrical and mechanical equipment; do sorting/inspecting jobs, with the help different types of gauges; and work as operators on the machines mentioned earlier. Those who become computer literate, qualify themselves as potential candidates for jobs in bank, public sector units, and Government offices as data entry operator (under the 1% reserved quota).

What can you do?

The Polytechnic is covered under the Government Grant-in-Aid scheme, since 1991. In that, it receives salary of 15 among 20 staff, besides maintenance grant to the tune of Rs.3.5–4 lakh per annum. Though the annual expense incurred on running the Polytechnic is around Rs.50 lakh, the grant takes care of only 33% of this expense; rest of the outflow is met through donations from philanthropic individuals/institutions.

Employ a visually challenged person trained at the Polytechnic, in your organization.