Women’s Day Celebration 2018









                                                                                                                                    12th March, 2018.

The National Association for the Blind, India was established in the year 1952. It is one of the largest Voluntary Organizations in the disability Sector, engaged in the welfare of the Visually Challenged for more than six decades. Over the years it has established a wide network of Branches all over India comprising 24 States and 66 Districts. Its objective is to create awareness in the society at large about the need of preventing curable blindness and to develop Educational, Vocational and Employment services and access to information technology for the incurable Visually Challenged children and adults in their total rehabilitation.

NAB Department of Women’s Empowerment known as NAB DWE was set up in the year 1981, wherein job training is provided on “Earn While You Learn” basis. The Center acts as a catalyst in obtaining work for the Visually Challenged women and provides infrastructure and support to help them in earning a decent livelihood and also to empower the woman through affirmative action to play a more proactive role in the society.

NAB DWE has established a Training Center for the Visually Challenged women at Reay Road. We offer them training in traditional and contemporary handicraft items such as making of Rakhis, Terracotta Diyas, Jute Bags, Variety of decorative Torans, Garlands and many other eco friendly gift products and thus provide a source of income and make them economically independent. This unique project has provided earning opportunity to around 1000s of Visually Challenged Women so far.


         Making Diyas, Jute Bags & Decorative Torans

This year to celebrate the Women’s Day with our Visually Challenged beneficiaries, we chalked out two events viz. a health checkup camp and a get-together.  Nowadays the ratio of Breast Cancer and Uterus Cancer is increasing in India and medical tests to diagnose these are expensive and un affordable for the low income group female. We therefore decided to arrange a medical checkup camp on Breast & Uterus Cancer for them in the first week of March, 2018. Women are the backbone of the family and have to be physically fit and fine. They should not suffer from any physical issues which will break them and their families. Focusing on this topic, we had arranged the checkup camp on Saturday, 3rd March, 2018 with the support of Life Health Care Foundation and Indian Cancer Society. ENT checkup was also included in this health camp.


ENT Checkup                                                    CANCER Checkup

On Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 we scheduled a one day Cancer Checkup Camp. 25 Visually Challenged female beneficiaries attended this checkup of Mammography and Uterus. For the successful implementation of the said camp, we’ve received a total cooperation from Life Health Care Foundation and Indian Cancer Society. They offered their services at free of cost to our Visually Challenged women for which we are grateful to them. After the checkups, one small informative lecture was conducted by the doctors of Indian Cancer Society for these beneficiaries & was followed by the question – answer session. The interaction between them was open and knowledgeable for everyone.


Interactive Session                                               Cancer Checkup Van

The second event for Women’s Day celebration was held on next Saturday i.e. 10th March, 2018 with the young group of boys and girls from corporate office. We are happy to mention that Accenture Company had taken initiative in arranging a get-together for our Visually Challenged women beneficiaries. 8th March, being a working day many of our beneficiaries suggested to organize the program on Saturday, 10th March, 2018. In collaboration with Accenture Team, we planned a get-together for them to enjoy dance, music, games etc. without any hassle. Total 48 Visually Challenged women including employed, self employed and our center trainees participated with total 50 sighted boys and girls on one common platform. This was the total inclusive event we successfully executed. 


Singing Performed by Blind Girl

The get-together began with an introduction session where both NAB India and Accenture team briefed about their activities in short. Mrs. Pallavi Kadam, Executive Director, NAB India welcomed Mrs. Asha Ahuja, M.D. from Accenture office by presenting her a bouquet. Then Mrs. Swati Thakurdesai, Hon. Secretary, NAB India briefed about the activities of NAB India and especially the activities of the department of Women’s Empowerment. Afterwards, Mrs. Asha Ahuja, shared her words on Accenture and its work.

Then the actual get-together started. First session was on games. Team Accenture volunteers accompanied the girls on one to one ratio. This was the first time where they actually came across the hidden talent of our Visually Challenged women. The games were thoroughly enjoyed by both participants as well as the volunteers and the winner got the prizes. Once they were done with games the fireless recipe competition started. The participants and the volunteers divided into 5 groups and provided food items like bread, butter, tomato, cucumber, grapes, yogurt and bananas. All the five groups enjoyed the competition and one group was announced as a winner by the judges. The winners got prizes. Team Accenture got surprised by observing the Kitchen skills of our Visually Challenged girls. They bowed before them. Then the talent show began.


Fireless Recipe & the Winner being felicitated

In the beginning one small skit of 5 minutes on the life of Helen Keller was presented by a group of 5 Visually Challenged girls. It was a spot entry. The skit was amazing. It was followed by singing and dancing then. Visually Challenged women presented their talents in front of the sighted people and everyone got stunned. Some of them sportingly joined these girls in their activities. Lastly fashion show with ramp walk was presented by the Visually Challenged girls who was set & choreographed for them in a very short period of 1 & half day. The girls were so confident and they rock the show. Everyone was clapping for them. At the end there was a common dance session for everybody and was thoroughly enjoyed by both the Visually Challenged girls as well as the member of Team Accenture.


Skit & Dance performed by Blind Girls

Team Accenture was full of charm and enthusiasm and we were really happy to welcome the youth of India in this social cause. Their participation and execution was wonderful and somewhere the interaction with our girls provoked them to understand their social responsibility. Their representative on behalf of their team expressed the whole experience with the statement that, “Today we came here to celebrate the Women’s Day with these girls and we learned a lot from them. We’ve learned that being psychologically strong and young from heart will never ever feel you disable in state. These girls are strong & full of life and today we’ve learned how to live life happily without any complaints with it. They assured that next year also they will be with us and we are sure that we have definitely step up forward towards an INCLUSION FROM THIS WOMEN’S DAY.